VPN Frequently asked questions


As soon as you connect to the VPN server your device is assigned a new IP address and new DNS resolvers. Then all of your Internet traffic is encrypted and is tunneled to the VPN server. Once there, it is decrypted and allowed to travel to its intended destination. Your local ISP will only see a single encrypted data stream between you and our VPN server. Your ISP can no longer monitor, log or control your Internet usage and you can bypass your ISP restrictions.

To download the VPN apps, sign up your account and you will see the instruction from these VPN service providers. They also have live chat support, ask them if you have any question.

Most of the VPN services we list here offer dedicated IP addresses. Use Contact Us form or via live chat to ask for it.

There are many free VPN services around the world. The question is, what level of speed, reliability, security, and support these free services offer? Just as you will use your VPN to transfer content, speed and reliable connectivity are key factors in choosing a vendor. In addition, the VPN connection carries potentially sensitive information, so making sure that it has strong encryption security and efficient network transmission is important. The following is a summary of the important factors to consider. Security is a very important factor when choosing a VPN provider. In most cases, the free VPN service will provide PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Point Protocol), which is the easiest setting (it is also the type of all VPNs that will be built into their operating system). Some security flaws have been highlighted with PPTP, which can make these VPN connections very vulnerable to attack. On the other hand Paid services, from vendors such as ExpressVPN and PureVPN, provide many VPN protocols including IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) and L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol), which itself is more secure than PPTP. Another very important factor is the available bandwidth for VPN services. The reality is that free services will not have an effective connection to the Internet, leading to poor and slow connections. On the other hand, paid VPNs have investments in infrastructure and provide safer for their customers. Paid VPN services have a substantial investment in revenue servers to ensure that your VPN connection is always fast and gives you no buffering issues.

You need to use VPN if you’re concerned about your privacy or you need to access blocked or censored content.

Not saying every free VPN provider is untrustworthy. The old adage "you get what you pay for" generally holds true.

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